The Lie of Feminism

The Lie of Feminism

Feminism is for EVERYONE.

Is it? Really?

Feminism is currently in the middle of a “rebranding” – there have been a lot of folks quite vocal mocking feminism due to the Feminazi permeating the ranks of feminism itself. The Feminazi oozes hatred, spits fire and represents everything feminism is trying to move away from.

Feminism has its place (no, not in the kitchen), but in the 21st century developed world, it’s time to put it to bed. Women are now in a good enough position that it can be retired in favour of egalitarianism i.e. what “feminism” is attempting to rebrand itself as. Feminism is still absolutely critical in many parts of the world, where women lack basic rights that civilised folk take for granted. This is where the stereotypical Feminazi is needed – to lead the troops into battle against oppressive regimes etc.

You know where it’s not needed? Here. The developed so-called “first world”, and I’ll tell you why (of course I will, you’re reading my blog afterall!); Feminism lacks support from 50% of the population because they feel it A) threatens them, B) does not benefit them, C) frightens them, or D) just plain don’t give a fuck.

No matter how you phrase it, calling it the fight for gender equality, and stressing that it’s for everyone…well, with a name like MAN-CLUB you wouldn’t take it seriously, would you?

Egalitarianism is where the fight is needed. Real gender equality, not women fighting for more rights – humans looking for equality regardless of race, creed, or gender. That is significantly harder to disagree with.


Why Egalitarianism – Feminism has been doing fine…

Feminism suffers from an inherent flaw – the name makes men uneasy because it sounds as though women are fighting to be more equal a la Animal Farm. No one wants to be Boxer off to the clappers…

Egalitarianism is a neutral term without baggage that people can rally behind. Issues for both genders can be clearly laid out and fought for, and with support from both sides of the fence it could become a serious political lobby.

  • Equal parental rights for unmarried couples (i.e. not simply automatic to the mother)
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Equal leave for those with a new-born baby (try and hold in the anger; I’ll explain)
  • “Crime & punishment” the same for both sexes
  • Death of sexism.
  • No barriers for men or women in career fields
  • (I could go on, but better to digress)


“I’m gonna give you everything you wanted – let’s see if you want everything you’re gonna get”

Equality for better or worse – not simply the best parts of both worlds. For sexism to die, neither side should feel the other has it better. There are benefits to both, and everyone needs to acknowledge that – the grass can be seen as pretty damn green on either side of the fence. Only way to have equal shades of green is to monochrome the hell out of it, or remove grass from the equation altogether.

Currently employers when looking at candidates for a job whom are equally qualified, can make decisions based on biology (disguised as something else) – it is simply acknowledging that women (if become pregnant) can take paid leave for a prolonged period, whereas men cannot. Most women are very quick to defend the reasons why, and they are absolutely correct – but that does not change the equation. A man cannot take that kind of leave, so therefore if both are equally qualified it is better business to hire the man, simply because he works out cheaper if a child is born.

Now, if you change that equation by making both partners capable of taking the same paid leave, suddenly the candidates are equal again. In a situation where both parents are working high-flyer jobs, this would allow both parties to take alternating time off, so that they both pull weight at home & in work.


The more you give…

The more support you get. Fighting for men to have equal leave for a child being born is effectively gifting men with more leave, which makes it hard to stand against. You end up in a position where suddenly you’re not having to argue that what you’re fighting for has knock on effects benefiting both parties, because everything you do is about equality.

You don’t get to pick and choose when you want things to be equal – it is very much an all or nothing thing, otherwise it’s just plain not equality.

You look at the areas where there are differences between men & women, and you bring them in-line with each other…not simply one side getting more, or another getting less. Presently in many countries if a man & woman commit the same crime, the man is punished more severely (longer sentences etc)…why?


In closing, I’d just like to say

Perhaps I’m a little too idealistic in some ways, but…we’re humans. I couldn’t care less what your sex is, what your ethnicity, or your sexual preferences – it doesn’t affect me in any way. I don’t see why any of those things would entitle anyone to have it better than anyone else. Equality is worth fighting for, true equality.