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Performance Parkour

Parkour as a performance art is extremely impressive due to its dynamic nature, and urban feel. People are impressed by the physicality of the movement, but also captivated by the transformation of space. Performers engage the crowd and bring them along a journey, thrilling them along the way leaping large distances, and doing things many thought impossible. It adds a huge amount to special events, festivals & carnivals etc due to the accessibility of Parkour; it requires no equipment, and that pulls in attention from the word go.

Parkour lends itself beautifully to advertising – a sense of time/urgency is easily crafted, and thanks to the urban feel & depiction it is ideal for brands with an image of everyday use, or city-living etc. As it is still relatively new and novel, the alternative vibe can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

As you would expect from an art as versatile as Parkour, there is a lot that can be done with it; stage shows, live performance, flash mob, micro-choreography, viral advertising, film & television, product launches etc.


Stage Show

A staple of the venerable art of performing – the Stage Show is a limited run show meticulously crafted featuring high-end choreography, a controlled environment which allows for an extremely interesting and entertaining experience. Vastly different from a festival/event performance where your audience are not guaranteed, in a stage show they’re with you from start to finish. This allows more intricate choeography intertwined with narrative. And since you can tweak the environment you can explore different avenues normally outside of your control e.g. lighting, sound, set changes etc.

In terms of Parkour it is a blank canvas which can be built upon (rather literally) – specific equipment brought in for dressing the set, as well as facilitating show-stopping movements! There is no limit with what can be done, only in the mind (and the wallet!). We take great pride in the creation of these shows, especially since no two shows are the same. Once a stage show has run its course, it is archived and we move on to the next project. During the course of a show’s life, it will differ every night to ensure that everyone gets something fresh & new, so if you go to the same show every night you’ll get a slightly different experience every time!

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If you have an idea of incorporating parkour into an advertising campaign for a product/brand, but aren’t entirely sure what direction to take, we do offer a choreography service. We can put together a sequence that will best suit your campaign’s needs, bringing a dynamic edge to the ad, and ensuring the image is burned into the viewer’s mind!



Sometimes you don’t need a choreographed show – the vibe of an event can be more free spirited, as well as the audience being more transient. In these cases a demonstration approach yields superior memorability. Usually longer lasting than choreographed shows, demonstrations have a certain free spirited charm as there are less timing constraints, however they do not flow as smoothly as the more finely tuned pre-rehearsed displays. Performers display impressive feats throughout the duration of the show, and actively engage the crowd.



Any questions regarding Performance Parkour should be directed to, or by phone to +353 86 155 0321. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours, though during busy periods there can sometimes be delays. You can also reach us on Facebook through private message.