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Interested in learning Parkour, but not sure where to start? Many people simply went outside and began to move. Often times this is kicked about as the preferred choice because “it worked for us!” however that is a little regressive. If everyone started this way, we’d all be destined to make the same mistakes over and over, and where’s the point in that?

Tutorials, articles, and more experienced training partners make the beginning a lot more efficient for you as the learner, and Parkour as the discipline. The less time spent repeating the previous generation’s mistakes, the more time you can make your own ones, new ones that others can learn from, effectively furthering the discipline.

If you are unsure, or feel that you do not have the necessary confidence then classes may be the best decision. Classes are a more controlled environment where there is a specific focus, and a support network inbuilt. It also removes the uncertainty for the beginning, allowing you to concentrate solely on the movement/technique.

Indoor & Outdoor classes are available, as are private 1:1 sessions. To book a place, please click here (or visit the Booking’s tab).

Indoor Classes

 Indoor classes are one of the most popular ways of starting Parkour/Free Running today. The class environment sets people at ease, as it allows them to learn a new skill without having to know everything right at the start. Similarly it sets aside a time for the week that they can do it, and lays the foundation upon which they can build. Not to mention the fact that this is Ireland, and it rains a lot…so people tend to be more comfortable learning new techniques on a non-slip surface!

Each class is structured, and has a specific focus for the session (as well as an overarching plan for the training period). Since Parkour is an all-body activity, each class starts with a proper warm up (& ends with a cool down) before moving on to the technique & conditioning portions. A layering approach to learning is favoured as it gives the widest opportunity for the absorption of knowledge – a skill/technique will be instructed, practised and adapted in a variety of different ways. So whether you learn by seeing or doing, we’ve got you covered.

Typically classes are 60 minutes long, and spaces are limited to keep class size small – quality over quantity. For availability & bookings, click here!

Our drop-in classes cater for all ability levels, though if you’re just getting started, you might want to check out our GroundUP course!

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Outdoor Classes

Parkour is an outdoor activity – you use the environment to challenge and push yourself, in a way that’s quite unlike other sports/disciplines. You develop creativity & functional strength, whilst taking something back- the way you look at an area is completely transformed. I’ll apologise now; you’ll never look at a set of rails the same!

When Parkour exploded into popularity everyone who wanted to learn went straight outside. There was a steep learning curve; you got it right, or you got hurt. We know better now, and there has been a lot of refinement in the years that followed. Concrete is unforgiving, so you want to make sure that you’re ready. Not everyone is right away, and thankfully there are Indoor Classes for that exact reason – you can learn in a more controlled environment, build up the basics before taking it outside; a solid foundation to build from.

Outdoor classes are for all ability levels, though some prior training or physical background is preferable. The classes are structured and have an underlying focus, however they are more open than the Indoor Classes as a result of the environment. Beginning with a warm up, moving on through some technique drills & conditioning, before honing in on the more specific focus. They are a nurturing environment where creativity is promoted above all else, and a solid support group for figuring things out. The class ends with a cool down, and if there are any questions the instructor is on hand.

For availability & bookings, please click here!

Note: It is recommended to have some basic training in Parkour before attending the outdoor classes. Please contact us if you are unsure!

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Private Sessions

The class/group environment isn’t for everyone, though you may still crave the structure. If you are unsure what to do yourself, and want a solid foundation, then the 1:1 sessions might just be what you need. You’ll have someone with you every step of the way to help with technique, answer any questions you may have, and to help you achieve. This is not a training partner,but rather a Personal Trainer whom will work with you on a 1:1 basis. Sessions are programmed in advance with specific goals in mind; the instructor works solely with the client to help them achieve.  That’s what you’re paying for. If that’s not what you’re after, then you don’t need a Private PT session!

Most of the time a good training partner will be more than sufficient – you get the support network, as well as having new ideas from another person’s interpretation of an area. There are regular open training sessions where you can meet like-minded people, and they’re completely free!

Private sessions can be arranged simply by contacting us through, or by calling on +353 86 155 0321

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