Personal Training

In Ireland, Personal Trainer is not a protected term – anyone can claim it (and many do!). Unfortunately this has lead many to have poor experiences which put them off increasing their physical activity. Not all qualifications are created equal, and similarly not all trainers should be in the business, however there is little that can be done about that. But there is hope – there are good trainers out there that want to help you succeed!

Welcome to Element Personal Training!

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Here at Element we understand that the fitness world can be intimidating – all that energetic lycra mixed with ‘roid monkeys pumping iron in the corner…it’s easy to understand why so many people are put off. It doesn’t have to be that way, and thankfully the times have changed (to a large degree). Sure gyms are still horrific places filled with sweaty neanderthals, but it’s also filled with people like you – folks who just want to improve their physical condition to benefit their lives. Most people are now aware that gyms are not the only way to improve your fitness, and that there are far more options available.

One of those options is Personal Training – having a trainer programming your workouts/exercise, structuring the sessions for maximum benefit etc leaves you with the confidence that you’re not doing anything wrong. It also gives you someone that you can talk to about problems/questions you may have. Workouts are tailored specifically to the client – there is no ‘One-Size fits’ approach. Our needs are all very different, and that is the most important part of Personal Training…unfortunately many trainers forget this, and re-hash old programmes effectively stunting gains for the client (or at best not giving them what they need).


So, what is it?

In plain terms, Element Personal Training is broken down into 8 week blocks where the trainer works with the client to improve their strength, physique & fitness, with an overarching outlook. In the beginning a client is interviewed, and this consultation gives the trainer a lot of important information. From there a programme is devised to help the client achieve their goals. Each week the client has 1x 60 minute session with their trainer, as well as accessory work for during the week.

At the end of the block there is a review process, and the client is shown their achievements. If the client is happy with their progress and wants to continue, further blocks can be purchased & our trainers can get you to where you want to be!



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Package£Description£Cost (€)
Starter£8 Week Block (Includes Consultation, Training & Assessment)£240
Season Pass£2x 8 Week Blocks (More time; more gains – a better you!)£430
Game-Changer£6 Month Plan (Make real headway to lasting Lifestyle Changes)£640

You can do as little (or as much) as you like! The more time you can commit the better the end result will be – you’re investing in yourself. For the starter plan it works out at just €30 per session! No two terms are alike, and every programme is different.


How to Apply

Element is a system – and that system revolves around you. It is quite an involved process for both parties, and as such we have to be quite discerning as to which clients we take on. For us to provide the best service, we need to ensure that our trainers & clients are compatible, so unfortunately we cannot take on everyone!

If you are interested, and want to make real headway then please get in touch. There are many ways to reach us, so pick your favourite & touch base ASAP.

The application process is simple & straight forward! Simply download the application form [link here], print it out & fill it in, and send it bac

To apply simply fill out these forms [link to files] and email the completed application to and one of our trainers will get back to you as soon as possible.