Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are in abundance virtually everywhere you go, in virtually every form. Pilates, Yoga, Boot Camp, Boxercise, Aerobics, Zumba, Step Aerobics, Bosu, Swiss Ball, Tai-Bo, Spin…yeah, there’s a lot. Choosing between the various types can be quite difficult, and your choice may even seem irrelevant! Click here for Element Fitness Classes, otherwise allow us to help shed some light on exercise classes!

What are Fitness Classes?

Stupid question, right? Wrong. Most people don’t truly realise what fitness classes are; communal motivation. Working out on your own requires drive from within – classes externalise. Everyone starts together and ends together, pushing each other to work harder and achieve. People share in your triumph (and your tribulations), and each week you help others to work towards their success. You build a community.

Social Animal

Classes are a great way to increase your physical activity in a non-committal way, whilst simultaneously meeting new people. You sign up and each week you are brought through a work out that makes you feel better and gives you the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Community is key. You are not going there to learn a particular skill, or training to be a champion – you’re there because you are not too sure what it is you want to do, and realise that the first step is starting somewhere.

Why start where?

Your brother’s friend’s girlfriend’s dog-walker knows a guy who went out with a girl who went to a certain class, loved it and lost weight. Sounds great, huh? In other words most people go to a class because they know someone (or at least of someone) whom has gone previously, and had a positive experience…the grapevine.

Alternatively a few friends are going to ‘X’ class, and have asked you to join – you have no idea what it is, but feel like you could do with the run around. And so you go. The actual activity is virtually irrelevant.

How to choose?

There are many ways – a dip is always an option, but then you can also just think about it simply:

  • Do I know anyone going? (If so, do I like them or want to be around them?)
  • Will I learn anything I’m remotely interested in? (Dancing steps etc)
  • When is it on? (If you’re not available when it’s on, it would be a poor choice)
  • Location, location, location – is it easy for you to get to?

Element Fitness Classes

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Element is different.

Our fitness classes are their own beast – designed from the ground up for maximum effect. Our goal? You. The best you. The ‘you’ most true to yourself, and we aim to help show you that person (and give you the tools to achieve the transformation).

The classes take the aim of the Personal Training sessions, but work in a more general fashion, catering to the hivemind. Every week brings something different to the table, pushing you further than you thought possible, whilst simultaneously tackling the issues that stand in your way. Work, commuting, time, food, diet, energy, motivation…these classes help order your thoughts, and give you the tools you need to ensure success!

Micro to Macro; Inside out

Element as a system centres on micro-changes; small easy-to-make lifestyle adjustments that add up. In the classes this manifests by signing up (first & foremost; the first small change), and then by increasing your physical activity. Since everyone has different limits, interests, and backgrounds, we tend to use a myriad of different training styles to give people a veritable smorgasbord of ideas. It’s not all skin-tight lycra, treadmills and weight training!

You will be doing bodyweight exercises, partner-assisted work, foundational movement training, aerobics, plyometrics, resistance training, quadrupedal movement, dynabands, stability ball, endurance, interval training, circuits etc. Every week is different and brings something new to the table!

Worldview – Challenging how you look at things

Beyond increasing your physical activity in the class environment, we’ll also look at common “missed opportunities” – small adjustments that can be made to achieve lasting success. This can be as simple as how you sit down in work, how much liquid you drink, how you walk, what you use to carry your possessions etc.

The aim is to eliminate the modern Diet & Exercise model – eradicate it from your mind altogether. Replacing it with a more efficient Fuel & Performance way of thinking. Effectively you invert the scale; increased levels of physical activity require more calories, and as you continue to increase those levels your body will crave healthier “fuel” – you need a more nutritious diet to power the performance.


These classes exist for people looking to improve themselves in some way, shape or form. Every session we all start together and finish together; warm up (setting the tone for the session), work out, conditioning, stretching & cool down. Some sections can be quite difficult, but the people around you will pull you through. Similarly on sections you find a breeze, your enthusiasm will assist & motivate others.

Class Breakdown

[table caption=”Sample 1 Hour Class” width=”800″ colalign=”left|center|left”]
Warm up£Elevate HR & prepare body + mind for class£15 min
Ancillary Workout£Secondary/complimentary workout – further preparation£10 min
Primary Workout£Main focus of the class; changes each week£20 min
Stretching & Cool Down£Returning the body to homeostasis; home time£15 min
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Bookings, Cost, and Payment

[table caption=”” width=”300″ colalign=”left|right”]
Package£Cost (€)
Drop In (Pay per Class)£12
Starter Package (8 week block)£80
Addict (16 week block)£145

Quite simply it’s just a case of choosing an option that suits yourself. If you’re only getting going, the Starter Package is optimal – it gives you an accurate representation of what the classes are, as well as saving you €16!

To book a place simply contact us on, or give us a call on +353 86 155 0321