Welcome to Element Personal Training – a world where all that matters is you. But not the you that you know…a future you, a better you. Stronger…faster…more agile, and more inline with your ideal self. Unlock your full potential, crank the dial to 11 and bust out beast-mode!

“Element starts (& ends) with you”

I believe that everyone has their own element, and it is absolutely critical that you find out yours. Many filter through life never knowing, or perhaps never realising, what it is…or what it feels like. And yet, they know it to see – passing comments on others as being ‘in the zone’ & that’s exactly what it is. My element is challenge – I’m never better than when I’m working towards something, whether that’s training, editing, or helping you find yours.


No Gimmicks, No Special Equipment, & No Catch

Element is a system of giving you the tools to clear away the small pieces and reveal your true self.

As you go through life you leave certain aspects of yourself behind – once you would have devoted hours to creativity, drawing, playing or dancing before more “serious” stuff stifled and murdered it. You were much more active, playing sports, training, playing games with friends or choreographing routines etc…before the majority of your time was needed for more linear pursuits. Reality body-checked you into conformity, taking hostage elements of yourself that help define you. My goal is to help you take them back.

Training your body to become stronger, make it last longer and boost your energy levels. No more coming home from work barely able to function, and no more vegetating time away. As you become fitter, your body makes better decisions regarding simple things such as water intake, nutrition and sleep. It is the first domino, and training is the key to setting things in motion.

Element, as a system, lines up the rest of the dominoes, and sets you up to succeed. When they fall, the knock on effect brings you ever-closer to who you want to be. Too often people make serious headway only to be knocked back to the beginning. Element brings about micro-changes that weave together as a support structure for the macro. Yes you will lapse (everyone does), but the difference is you will climb back onto the horse with vigour and gusto…of your own volition.

The aim of the programme is to reconnect with your past-self, identify where you want to be, and set goals to get you onto the path. It starts with you, and ends with you. It is not a catch-all one-size-fits affair. So if you’ve tried to make changes before, and had less than stellar results, then Element could be for you. If you want to transform yourself, then Element is for you. Contact us on element@inari.ie