YouTube is one of those ideas that has incredible potential – it gives people a platform to promote themselves, their work and their ideas. In my case, it allows me to show the world what I want them to see; Parkour training, concept videos, random adventures, weight training, showreels, short films, documentaries etc.

My channel is effectively a window to me, my life, and my training – it’s just a place for me to put everything. And of course, if people like what they see they can subscribe to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Below you will find direct links to the different series available on YouTube, though you can also use the NavBar above to narrow your search!

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Local Yokels

The Local Yokels (Onin & Inari) jumping around, training Parkour & looking like…local yokels! Both avid practitioners of Parkour, the series tracks their progress in finding their feet once more, through stumbles, falters and fun.

Inari Parkour

A solo-training series showing method, results, as well as the journey there. Occasionally there are more concept pieces, where there is something specific to be shown, but most of the time it’s just doing what I do!


Other physical activity/training; weight training, bodyweight, handbalancing, stretching, conditioning, training drills etc. All manner of supplementary & accessory work

Travel & Adventure

Pretty much anything random/different from life & happenings! Adventures on holidays, at home, day trips or whatever – basically anything that I enjoyed enough to record, edit & upload!