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Those random poignant thoughts that haunt you as you’re drawn from sleep kicking & screaming into the world of the living, desperately clung to lest they be forgotten…this is their home! Well, for my ones at least. It is a strange eclectic place where sense occasionally takes a vacation in favour of oddities & ends. Any ideas or concepts that I have are harboured (until they can be realised in some fashion or another) are collected here, whether they are drawings, stories, dreams or planned film projects etc. You will also see completed short stories, novels & series, Blog entries, drawings, short films and more! It is a home to all of my creative pursuits.

For the latest news & updates, see below! If you know what you’re looking for, simply click the relevant section in the Nav bar above. Alternatively if you’re just browsing the internet firmly in procrastination, allow me to distract you!


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