Content Deficiency in 2015

Content Deficiency in 2015

YouTube…but where’s you?

I started a new YouTube channel in 2014 effectively for myself, and my life. That involves training (bodyweight, weights, parkour etc), Travel & Adventure, and random stuff my friends and I get up to. I had been uploading a video every week, but then took a few weeks off at Christmas which sort of scuppered that. And that’s when it happened – I started caring more. Looking at the footage I was actively saying to myself “Nah, there’s a lot of samey stuff from the last ones” deciding to wait longer so that each video had an identity.

And that’s the point where I lost touch with the training concept in which I’d started the channel; show the training.


Local Yokels

A staple series of where the channel started is “Local Yokels”; training with my good friend Tadhg (Onin) around Celbridge, Leixlip, Maynooth & Lucan. Unfortunately there was a run of bad luck taking him out of the action for a while, so the vast majority of footage I gained was just of me. Even on a base level that means a lack of variety. Moreover it meant that there were less people to be able to watch over cameras, and that made me nervous.


Fear of the Dark

On top of the above two points, there was also a more pertinent point – darkness & footage. I edit on 2x HD monitors, preview on a HD TV, and check it on a 720p phone…I’d never seen a Lo-def version. But when I did, holy crap I couldn’t see what was going on in the night time shots. I figured many people were watching on phones, and wouldn’t be able to see diddly squat. I elected to record in daylight primarily, but in a similar vein I completely stopped night/evening recording.


Ok, but what’s your point?

Much like a politician, I acknowledge the situation…and not much else! In all sincerity though, it’s simply something I had stopped thinking about. I suffered from eggs-in-a-basket syndrome, focusing on gaining footage in a single day (hence why the past few have been in town), and then I started to like the content I was producing. In other words I began to not want to release sub-par content, and that was the nail in the coffin for a time.

Just a case of reminding myself why I’m doing it (recording & editing), and remembering “oh yeah, that’s the point!”