Welcome to Inari.ie!

the Uncle Bens Fox-whisperer!


This website is home to three distinct areas:


Inari is the “Parkour Name” of Kevin Mooney (back in the dark days before Facebook, and the world of Internet anonymity) – originally chosen simply as on online username for the national website for Parkour in Ireland, PKIRE.com…because back then protecting your identity was seen as important!

The name wasn’t exactly chosen at random – Inari is a primary protagonist of the Crimson War series (fantasy novels), one of the first stories I came up with. When naming the character I knew I wanted something short, and a little unusual. At the time a gaming friend (Counter Strike Source, in case you were wondering) of mine was big into Japanese culture, so there was a slight convergence & I came across Inari; God of Foxes & Rice…the Uncle Bens Fox-whisperer!

Since then it has sort of just become a thing in its own right for people to add in definitions; Rice Queen, God of Fertility, an unpleasant tasting Sushi, character in Naruto, village in Finland, as well as the Japanese god of foxes and rice.



Often called “Free Running” or “L’art du deplacement”, Parkour is a training discipline where practitioners use their environment to challenge themselves through movement. Strength, Power, Agility, Balance, Endurance etc. You need no equipment, and there are no rules as such (no weight-classes, age restrictions, and no competition.

Traversing an environment from A to B, using only your body & overcoming any obstacles in your path

Typically defined as moving through a given area & overcoming obstacles by running, jumping, vaulting & climbing, many people recognise it from James Bond Casino Royale. Though this definition misses the finer points & motivations of training, it is helpful to get people onto the same page.

Parkour is a major part of my life, and as a result a huge chunk of my time is devoted to it. This section of the website catalogues my own journey (training, creative projects, performance etc) as well as a resource for others; Tutorials, Articles, Tips & Tricks for safe and effective training.

You can also find News & Updates of upcoming projects, as well as any useful links that have come up in my travels. Feel free to discuss any elements, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate – fire off an email to info@inari.ie



Clearing away the rubble to release your ideal self

Element is a Personal Training system invoking micro lifestyle changes, on top of increased physical activity, to achieve lasting change on a macro scale. The approach differs on a case by case basis, but it is always about making positive change in order to further yourself, and to help you unlock your full potential; become your truest self.

Everyone has an ideal self, and Element is simply a method of clearing away the small pieces and exposing that self to the world (…not in a creepy trench coat-wearing way). You go through life and over time become less & less active, allowing frustration to set in – this can be endemic to your life. It all starts with a change, just one…and the knock on effects can be staggering. For more information, please visit the Element section.


Creative Arts

As far as I’m concerned creativity is sacred – it trumps virtually every other value in spades, and can result in the most wonderful advancements. It is fast becoming a recognised resource, however for now it is still an uphill battle to retain. For too long people have focused on elements of ridicule, or lack of career, as reasons to be “realistic” – screw that. All you need is an outlet, and you will flourish.

Writing, Drawing, Short Films, Videos and more!

Here you will find various projects from videos & short films, random drawings, and the big-ticket item, writing. I adore the whole process – crafting something from start to finish, creating the characters & world, and taking it to its end. One of the simplest & most effective ways of expressing yourself; telling a story. From novels to screenplays, short stories to series’, and everything in-between, you will find it here.

Under the Creative tab there are excerpts from books/stories, complete books available for download, as well as the process behind it all; character development, sketches & refining the world, back-story and asides etc. Basically the finished product as well as the journey to it!

Along with the more refined there is also the more incandescent; my blog “the Slipstream of Thought”. Rather simply thoughts of the day, observations and introspective gazings – it serves to flex the muscles for writing (keeping the creative juices flowing), as well as to vent.